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From September 2014 there has been a new curriculum introduced.  In line with these changes we are teaching the new expectations for spellings in every year group.   In order to ensure there are no gaps in the children’s knowledge,  additional units are being taught in Year Two and Year Three.  The spelling expectations are outlined in the new curriculum document Appendix .   Therefore the phases outlined above do represent the progression of sounds taught but there are also supplementary materials which are used.

In the EYFS we use the Speed Sounds programme by Ruth Miskin to teach phonics and this is also used as an intervention programme for children.  Children are assessed regularly using a phonics assessment and children are grouped accordingly to ensure that they are consolidating or learning sounds and words which are appropriate to their attainment.  However, we appreciate that interventions need to be effective in order to ensure that the gap is closed.  Any children who did not pass their phonics check in Year One are given additional support in retaking their phonics check at the end of Year Two.  This might be in an intervention group or in an individual target book.

We use materials from to ensure that phonics teaching is systematic, fun and engaging for children.

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Making Reading Fun!

What should my child be able to do at the end of  Year 2?

Reading is not a race and children all develop and progress at different rates and different times. However, there are things we can do to help them along the way!

At the end of Year 2:

Children should be able to read common words without having to sound them out, meaning that their reading is fluent.

They should be able to retell some stories that they heard from months ago.

They should have a knowledge and familiarity with lots of different types of books.

They can go back and check a text makes sense to them.

They can recite a simple poem.

Fun activities to do at home:

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