St. Anne's CE VC Primary School

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Food and Drink


5 a day school scheme

toastAt St. Anne’s we pride ourselves on being a healthy school. The ‘School Fruit and Veg Scheme’ helps your child achieve their 5 a day.   Children in Key Stage 1 are provided with a healthy snack of fruit or vegetable every day.  Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to bring their own snack or can buy one from our healthy tuck shop.   Toast can be ordered at the beginning of the week.  Send 10p for each day your child would like toast for the week ahead in a clearly marked envelope.

School Meals

School lunches are cooked in our own kitchen. Mr. Quinn works with Aspen Services and the Governors to constantly improve school dinners so that they are tasty, nutritious and value for money. Children can choose to bring a packed lunch or have a freshly cooked school meal. The Kitchen Manager ensures that all of our school meals are prepared freshly in school each morning and meet with food guidelines set out by the Government.

St. Anne’s School Meals Policy

Please click below for the link to the menu:

School Dinner Menu – Spring/Summer 2018

If you would like to discuss your child’s dietary requirements, please contact the kitchen via the school office.

school dinnersHow Much?

From September 2014 if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 there will be no charge for school meals as part of a new Government initiative. For years 3 to 6 charges are £1.85 per meal including desert. Money should be sent into school each Monday via the child’s book bag clearly marked with your child’s name, amount and Class. Cheques should be made payable to ‘St. Anne’s CE Primary School’. Money for more than one child can be sent in one envelope to school with the eldest child.

Toast can be at the beginning of the week for the week ahead.  Money should be sent in an envelope marked ‘toast’ with your childs name and class clearly marked. Pay 10p for each day that toast is required and indicate which days on your envelope.

Further information about means tested Free School Meals
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