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I would like to introduce myself as Sue Abrahams, Chair of St. Anne’s Governing Body. I was appointed in 2011 as a Parent Governor, then Community Governor, and eventually elected as a Co-Opted Governor linking to Early Years. I have been involved with St. Anne’s for over 20 years and have had family links with the school spanning many years before. My three sons have all attended St. Anne’s  and although they have all moved on I feel very proud to still be a part of the school. I am determined in helping the children to reach their full potential and to continue to strive for their best opportunities to help equip them for the future.

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the school provides the best education possible for the children in a safe, happy and secure environment.  We oversee school activity at a strategic level and work with Mr. Quinn and his leadership team to set the school’s direction and identify how the school will develop and improve. Our main responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring the performance and progress of our children,
  • Working with the staff to help them teach and care for our children,
  • Deciding on how the resources of the school are best used,
  • Planning ahead so that the performance of our children and our school continues to improve.
We meet as a Full Governing Body every term and we also have three committees; one which oversees the school’s finances, one responsible for raising standards and attainment and one which deals with matters relating to special educational needs. However, we tend to meet much more frequently, and many of our Governors spend time in school working with staff and making visits to understand more about the day to day life of the school. I’m very proud to be a Governor at St. Anne’s Primary School and of our hard working and committed governing body and staff.
Sue Abrahams – Chair of Governors and ex-officio member of the Curriculum and Self Evaluation Committee,  Finance and Resources Committee and Inclusion Committee.

Meet the Governors

Letter from the Chair of Governors – June 2017

St. Anne’s Governor Statutory Information 2017-2018

St. Anne’s Governor Statutory Attendance Information 2017-2018

St. Anne’s Governor Statutory Attendance Information 2016-2017


Rev Bruce Goodwin – Foundation Governor – Awaiting information.

Kate Thatcher – Co-Opted Governor, Curriculum and Self Evaluation Committee and Inclusion Committee Member – I had been a Parent Governor at St. Anne’s for 7 years prior to becoming a Co-Opted Governor. I work in education and have a good understanding of how a school operates. I wanted to become a Governor so that I could get more involved in the school both my daughters attended. I was also a pupil at St.Anne’s and left to go to secondary school with confidence, enthusiasm for learning and very fond memories of my time at primary school. My aim as a Governor is to give all of the students here the same love of learning and sense of belonging that I felt.

Rebecca Clothier – Staff Governor and Curriculum and Self Evaluation Committee Member

Hannah Whittard – Parent Governor and Curriculum and Self Evaluation Committee Member – I joined the Board of Governors in 2015 as a Parent Governor. As a married mother of two girls, one of whom is Year 1 and my other daughter hopefully due to start at St. Anne’s next year, I feel I wanted to help make a positive difference benefiting the children and their parents. While working as a volunteer in the school this past year. I have gained a valuable insight into the workings of the school and wanted to be further involved in developing and upholding the positive attitudes to learning and teaching demonstrated by Mr.Quinn, the teachers and staff at the school.

Jodie Mawer – Parent Governor and Finance and Resources Committee Member- I am married Mum of four children, three of which currently attend St. Anne’s and the youngest is hopefully due to start in 2018. I became a Parent Governor in January 2017. I wanted to become a Governor to be more involved in the running of the school my children attend and help maintain the high standard of learning and positive day to day experience that the children receive. I have worked in a national law firm for twenty years and hope to draw on my experience of being a quality auditor and compliance officer in my role as a Governor. I am also Chair of Fundraising for Oldland Pre-School and run an aspiring business making celebration cakes.

Claire Lanham – Foundation Governor – Awaiting information.

Stephen Tresise – Foundation Governor and Finance and Resources Committee Member – I became a Governor in 2011 when the opportunity arose, as a member of St. Anne’s Church, to serve on the school governing body. I have lived locally and been a member of St. Anne’s Church since my childhood. I am married with two children, both of whom are pupils at St. Anne’s. I find my role as a Governor extremely rewarding and enjoy the many aspects of working with Mr. Quinn, the staff and fellow governors of the school, for the good of all the children. We are blessed with a fantastic school thanks to the hard working attitude of the staff and children and I am committed to keeping expectations high and to continue to improve standards. I sit on the Finance and Resources committee and act as subject link Governor for Science and R.E/Collective Worship.

Pat Seymour – Co-Opted Governor and Finance and Resources Committee Member

Helene Cook – LA Governor and Chair of the Curriculum and Self Evaluation Committee  – A mum of 2 children: a son in Year 4 and a daughter in Reception. I wanted to become a Parent Governor at St. Anne’s because I believe passionately in education (I currently work in education with adults) and I want every child at the school to be able to meet his or her potential. I like that I can help or assist in making positive differences in the school. I also enjoy gaining knowledge about the education system and being part of it. Being part of a team of people working closely with Mr.Quinn to make key decisions is vital to the successful running of St. Anne’s and it is such a meaningful role. By being involved in making decisions which directly affect the education and well-being of the children it will help to improve standards throughout the school and your child’s education.

Mark Shere – Co-Opted Governor and Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee . I first became a Parent Governor in July 2012 after a vacancy was advertised in the weekly newsletter. Both my children are at St Anne’s and it was clear from the first year at that everyone in the school was totally committed to providing a happy environment for children to learn and develop important life skills.  Being a Governor allows me to help and support the school for the good of all the children at St. Anne’s now and in the future.  With ever increasing pressures and constraints placed upon schools it is vital that the head, teaching staff and governing body work closely together and this very evident at St Anne’s and a pleasure to be part of.

Leanne Bishop – Vice Chair of Governors – Co-Opted Governor and Chair of the Inclusion Committee and Curriculum and Self Evaluation Committee Member – My name is Leanne Bishop and I am a Mum to two daughters. I have been a Parent Governor at St. Anne’s for the last 3 years. As well as being a Mum I work full time as an Assistant Head Of Community at John Cabot Academy and have worked in primary schools, secondary schools and special schools for the last 12 years. My specialism is working with children and young people with Special Educational Needs and I have just completed a Masters Degree in this subject. I hope as a Governor I can contribute my skills and expertise to help continue with it’s good work and help to develop policy and practice to become outstanding.

Tracy Burns – Parent Governor and Finance and Resources Committee Member – I became a Parent Governor in November 2015 as I have two sons that attend St Annes, Yr 1 and Yr 4 and I hope that in later years my twin daughters will also attend, this giving me another 10 years of being part of the St Anne’s School community. I work in Financial Services in the Marketing sector and also fund raise for many charities in my spare time. This role allows myself and others to contribute to the future of the school and help provide our children with the best educational opportunities. Being part of the Governing Body is giving me great insight to the school and the education system and giving me a lot of satisfaction knowing that our school and children are benefiting from my efforts in helping maintain this amazing school.

Peter Holmes – Foundation Governor and Finance and Resources Committee member –  I am retired and a member of St. Anne’s Church which I have attended for over 35 years and where I am currently a Deputy Church Warden. I became a governor last year when a vacancy arose for a Foundation Governor. My interest is in Health & Safety and I am the Health & Safety Governor. Before I retired I worked in Health & Safety carrying out risk assessments for a whole range of different types of premises that included schools and I hold the Oxford Brookes diploma in Health & Safety Management. I am hoping to use my knowledge and experience to assist the Board of Governors in ensuring that the school premises continue to be a safe environment.

Kevin Davis – Co-Opted Governor – Awaiting information.