St. Anne's CE VC Primary School

Respect Responsibility Friendship Excellence

School Road, Oldland Common, BS30 6PH

01454 862500 Headteacher: Mr. Sean Quinn

Our Values

Respect, Responsibility, Friendship, Excellence

At St. Anne’s we have developed these school values, so that we have a shared belief in what we want our school to represent.  We want you to be able to feel and see them as you walk through the front door, from class to class, in the playground and beyond.  You will see these values represented in our school badge which was designed by the children.

read….St Anne’s Values for Life Statement

St Annes School Badge

At St. Anne’s we show Respect, Responsibility and Friendship towards each other, our community and our world.  Our aim is excellence for all.


celebrate, value and support each persons uniqueness

encourage all to be confident, caring, co-operative individuals with high self steem

value and demonstrate and understanding of equality of opportunity for all

promote respect and care for the environment


encourage children to have a sense of pride in their work and all aspects of school life

develop an understanding of the responsibilities involved in living as part of the family, school, local and world community


encourage close co-operative relationships

appreciate and understand that the example and teachings of Christ provide a model for a caring and fulfilling life

have high expectations of all within the community

develop confidence to enable everyone to work independently and collaboratively


develop our children’s best potential in spirit, mind and body

enable our children to be highly motivated learners who achieve high standards to the best of their ability

provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum relevant to individual needs

encourage our children to develop creative and innovative abilities

help our children set personal goals in all areas of life

equip our children with essential learning skills to be literate, numerate and skilled in ICT

recognise the need for physical well being and promote it throughout the curriculum

create a vibrant learning environment

help children to value and enjoy lifelong learning

equip children with the necessary skills for their personal, social and academic future.

St. Anne’s is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School, welcoming all children and promoting and encouraging Christian values.  We are part of South Gloucestershire Education Authority.